29 SEP - 5 OKT

Nederlandse  Dansdagen

De Nederlandse Dansdagen is committed to the heritage, topicality and future of Dutch dance. With as its highlight the annual festival that takes place in and from Maastricht. 

De Nederlandse Dansdagen celebrates the unprecedented diversity and quality of Dutch dance with the public. The festival shows a range of dance performances and the best of Dutch dance: from classical ballet to urban, from avant-garde to modern dance, from master to young talent and from performance art to dance for young audiences. 

From Friday, September 29 through Thursday, October 5, this is the stage for anyone who wants to dance, battle, club themselves, or just enjoy dance up close.


From the Bronx 
to popping 
in Maastricht

Hip-hop oriented dance styles did not originate in beautifully decorated ballrooms or on carefully polished ballet floors. They originate in spontaneous street parties, on dance floors in the dead of night and during training sessions in the little square behind the local mall. This is the classroom, studio and stage all in one.

More than twenty years ago, the little picturesque shopping center City Plaza in Nieuwegein was the birthplace of the Illusionary Rockaz Crew (IRC). From the first hip-hop pioneers of the 1980s, a handful of young dancers there learned the building blocks of a new dance language.

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