Dance Awards

Nominees Innovatieprijs Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 2023

The Innovatie prijs highlights current developments and exceptional talent. This incentive prize provides a cash prize of €25,000 with support from the City of Maastricht to give the winner more clout in producing their ideas. The new work or creative process will be presented for the first time during Nederlandse Dansdagen 2023. The prize is made possible in part by the Municipality of Maastricht.

Nominees VSCD Swans 2023

The VSCD Swans have been associated with Nederlandse Dansdagen since 2003 and are presented during the Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala. A festive evening that also officially opens the annual festival. 

Nominees Swan most impressive dance production 2023

Nominees Swan most impressive dance performance 2023

Nominees VSCD Young Swans 2023

Since the anniversary edition of de Nederlandse Dansdagen in 2022, this festive evening will be enhanced by the presentation of the Young Swans. Like its older brother, this award consists of two categories distinguishing dance productions and performances. The Young Swans came about at the initiative of the entire field of youth dance, in recognition of the quality and innovative capacity of youth dance.

Nominees Young Swan most impressive dance production 2023 

Nominees Young Swan most impressive dance achievement 2023