Kathrin Gramelsberger

Nominee Innovatieprijs Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 2023

About Kathrin 

For Kathrin (b. 1979), dance is a means to explore her personal experiences. A way to feel connected and show in all vulnerability through her art. Also issues that connect challenges, setbacks and loneliness. She calls for feeling the recognition, exploring the conflict and staying in motion. With each performance, Kathrin aspires to find a common soul, which by daring to be small can awaken great themes and heroes in us.

Kathrin Gramelsberger is a choreographer and dancer of Nigerian-German descent. She has developed her own language consisting of a mix of dance, music and spoken word.  She draws inspiration from her bicultural background. Kathrin creates and produces projects within her own foundation - Bühnenbiest as well as for other companies such as Danstheater Aya and 2turvenhoog.

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