The Ruggeds & Ghetto Funk Collective

During GROOVE, funk, soul, hip-hop and house melt deliciously together in the hands of this eight-piece.

During this swinging dance concert The Ruggeds and Ghetto Funk Collective dive 50 years back in time to the era of James Brown, Aretha Franklin & Marvin Gaye. They take you on a journey through the evolution of Funk & Soul to HipHop, House and everything in between.  

In GROOVE, this mix of dancing musicians and musical dancers builds a party on stage. These two top dance crews from Dutch soil tour the world with their skills. The Ruggeds even recently became World Breaking Champions. 

So dress to impress and put on your best outfit for this Night Out On The Town full of live music, improvisation and spectacular dance moves, where the Soul Train knows no end. And during the afterparty in the foyer of Theater aan het Vrijthof, Leroy Rey aka El Rey will present his vision of the roots of hip-hop. 

About The Ruggeds
The Ruggeds strive to continually challenge themselves in the theater, aiming to surprise their audience. Whether it's a high-energy show that gets your blood pumping like Adrenaline or an intimate setting as seen in State Shift, they consistently garner recognition in both the battle scene and the theater. 

"The Ruggeds have put Dutch Hip-Hop dance on the map." - Jury report Charlotte Köhler Prize 2020. 

"Consistently surprising." - Jury report for De Zwaan for the 'most impressive dance production' of 2022. 

Remaining true to themselves, they draw inspiration from Hip Hop and street culture, unapologetically bringing it to the theater. GROOVE, too, promises to be a surprising show, definitely worth a visit. 

About Ghetto Funk Collective
Today, a dynamic and eclectic community thrives. With a passion for creating and sharing dance, music, and art that sets people in motion, Ghetto Funk Collective from Amsterdam is a family of creative individuals. They come together to form a unique movement, sound, and experience within their shared love for funk culture. It's not just a music genre for them; it's an embrace of its lifestyle and essence. They embody the spirit of funk in the 21st century and have swiftly become one of the most influential forces in the global funk scene. In essence, Ghetto Funk Collective is a distinctive and innovative group pushing the boundaries of funk dance and music. With their infectious energy and dedication to making a positive impact, they are sure to continue causing a stir in the global industry for years to come.

Title: GROOVE 
Subtitle: Music making Dancers turning  up the Funk 
Producer: The Ruggeds 
Music: Jessy ‘FORTBEIGE’ Kemper, Alexander ‘Shield Beats’ Henriksen 
Choreographer: Ruben ‘Chi’ Verhoeven 
Cast: Lucinda Wessels, Rico ‘Griimsen’ Coker, Sammy Huijts, Virgil ‘Skychief’ Dey, Roche Apinsa, Alexander ‘Shield Beats’ Henriksen, Jessy ‘FORTBEIGE’ Kemper, Ruben ‘Chi’ Verhoeven 
Direction: Niek Traa 
Grafic design: Franky Sticks 
Light and Decor: Ido Koppenaal 
Costums: Jinko Joshu 

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  • Sunday 6 October
  • 15:00 - 16:10
  • Accessibility
  • All ages
  • Language no problem
  • Wheelchair user
  • Disabled
  • Tickets
  • 1e Rang €27,50
  • 2e Rang €22,50
  • CJP/<30 jaar: € 12,50
Scene foto GROOVE première - Photo by Emile Vrolijk  (14).JPG
Scene foto GROOVE première - Photo by Emile Vrolijk  (2).JPG