Wies Bloemen | Danstheater AYA
Hoop (12+)

Open your heart to hope, for no man can live without it

It's as important as water. Let's call it H2Op. Sure, sadness and 1hope are plentiful. But don't fall for it. You and I are too nice, too beautiful and too young to grieve forever. Glue yourself to hope. Carpenter a tree house in hope. Secretly fall in love with hope. Because there is still much to change and celebrate! Hoop is an interactive, hopeful, bold performance by Dance Theatre AYA for young audiences. A performance where you can shape your own future, but then you have to take action. 

Concept and direction: Wies Bloemen 
Choreography: Wies Bloemen i.s.m. de dansers 
Dance: Laura Costa, Gary Gravenbeek, Fleur Roks, Winter Wieringa 
Text: Gary Gravenbeek a.k.a. Duimalot 
Music Advice: Kaveh Vares 
Set and lighting design: Erik van Raalte 
Dramaturgy: Monique Masselink 
Repetitor and choreographic contribution: Anne Suurendonk 
Costums: Nicky Vroegop 

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  • Sunday 6 October
  • 12:00 - 13:15
  • Accessibility
  • All ages
  • Language no problem
  • Wheelchair user
  • Disabled
  • Tickets
  • Ticket €14,00
  • CJP/<30 jaar: € 9,50
Amanda Harput © HOOP scenefoto_s - DSC02377.jpg
Amanda Harput © HOOP scenefoto_s - DSC03371.jpg