ND 2009

This year, we clearly opted for showing the widely varying visions on Dutch dance. Choreographers, performers and dance companies use the widest possible range of dance styles and theatrical tools to tell their, often personal, stories.

When, in the past, academic contemporary dance was the dominant force in Dutch theaters, recent years have seen the emergence of newer forms of dance, often building on the achievements of previous generations. For example, a dance style drawing from urban dance and featuring unpolished and explosive movements has really burst onto the dance scene. At the same time the dividing lines between dance and stageplays are becoming increasingly blurred, while dancers are tapping into their acting and other performance skills to add to their whole performance. In the coming years, we want to offer a much wider picture of developments in Dutch dance that has been seen over time and to play an even more active role in Dutch dance in the Netherlands and abroad. 

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VSCD Golden Swan
Shirley Esseboom

VSCD Swan for most impressive Dance Performance
Cédric Ygnace in De Verloren Zoon

VSCD Swan for most impressive Dance Production
Gods and Dogs by Jirí Kylián

Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 
Erik Kaiel


VSCD Dansjury
Gemma Jelier (president)
Mirjam van der Linden
Jasper Weck
Roland Helmer
Simone Mager
Tim Persent
Karin Schnabel
Hildegard Draaijer

Program review

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NDD 2009 Masterclass Shirley Esseboom vooropleiding dans 922 - foto Antoinette Mooy.jpg

Program editors

Joost van Krieken
Peggy Olislaegers
Jerry Remkes
Leontien Wiering


Ton Rombouts (chair of board)
Henk van der Meulen (vice-chair of board)
Thomas Smit (treasurer)
Klazien Brummel
Jet de Ranitz
Wil Rutten
Jeannette Smit
Guido Wevers


Leontien Wiering

Business director
Jikke Beek

Marketing & publicity
Hiskia Linnenkamp

Marishka van Loon

Annique Deneer, Stephanie Scholte, Charlotte Adrian

Technical coordination
Marijcke Voorsluijs, Kees Knegjes

Campaign images

Graphic design
Esther Noyons

Marcel Christ