Dance on TV | Podium Dans

Podium Dans is a program where dance is given the space it deserves.

In Podium Dans, choreographers and artistic leaders of the most prominent dance companies from the Netherlands, but also Belgium, have their say. Each episode focuses on one guest. The most recent performance of that moment is the starting point for deepening and reflection on dance in all its manifestations. An interview is interspersed with fragments from previous performances, documentaries, reports and dance films related to the guest in question. 
For this festivaledition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen, a special selection has been made from the rich archive of Podium Dans. Enjoy episodes with: 

  • Imre en Marne van Opstal 
  • Connor Schumacher 
  • Shailesh Bahoran 
  • Junadry Leocaria 
  • Loyd Marengo 
  • Marco Gerris
  • Alida Dors
  • Nita Liem