Dans op TV | Erwin Olaf honours Hans van Manen

In memory of Erwin Olaf, the series Erwin Olaf honours Hans van Manen can be viewed on ND online. 

Choreographer Hans van Manen turned 90 last year. Reason for good friend and photographer Erwin Olaf to enter the studio, together with the dancers of the National Ballet, for a unique series of photos derived from Van Manen's work. No ballet photos, as Olaf emphatically points out. But an art project called “Dance in close-up: Hans van Manen seen by Erwin Olaf” consisting of stills and close-ups from various choreographies. In this five-part series Erwin Olaf honours Hans van Manen, we follow the development of this project and look back on a special artist. 

The friendship between photographer Erwin Olaf and choreographer Hans van Manen dates back to 1983. Hans has long had the role of teacher in Erwin's search for his own style. Almost 40 years later, both artists have become masters of their craft. Hans stopped photography and has built up an impressive oeuvre of 150 choreographies. Erwin has achieved international fame and his 'free work' does very well at the art fairs. Their friendship has always remained. 

Erwin Olaf honors Hans van Manen consists of 5 episodes of 12 minutes. Each episode focuses on a ballet. Shown are the discussions between Erwin and Hans, the guidance of the dancers by ballet master Rachel Beaujean, the search for the right lighting and framing and Hans' commentary on the photos.