A Dutch History of Breaking

Tyrone van der Meer & Andrey Grekhov

Hip-hop was born on August 11, 1973 at a party in New York. This fact is celebrated worldwide, and also at the Nederlandse Dansdagen, where the development of hip-hop in the Netherlands is a focal point this year.

In the performative lecture A Dutch History of Breaking, two hip-hop pioneers and artistic leaders of two of the most important hip-hop festivals in the Netherlands, Tyrone van der Meer (The Notorious IBE in Heerlen) and Andrey Grekhov (Open Your Mind in Eindhoven), take you along through the history of hip-hop. The focus is on breaking, the oldest hip-hop form in the Netherlands, but the future will certainly also be discussed! The lecture is interspersed with a number of live elements, including a Seven 2 Smoke, a world-loved 20-minute battle format, invented in Rotterdam and first officially performed at IBE in 2002.