Annemijn Rijk

Nominee Innovation Award Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 2024

About Annemijn

Annemijn Rijk (1993) is a choreographer and philosopher interested in the human body; how it communicates, how raw, direct and vulnerable it can be, as well as how our bodies perceive the world and create our reality. With her platform Body of Art she makes sensory, experimental productions that question our status quo and bring the audience back to the core of our humanity. She investigates and questions how we relate ourselves to the world around us by the means of our body and perception. 

Annemijn graduated from the Bachelor of Choreography at Fontys Dance Academy and the Master Philosophy of Humanity and Culture at Tilburg University. As a philosopher, she specializes in phenomenology: the philosophy that states that we experience the world through embodied perception. This sensory-physical aspect is reflected in her work(method). 

“Looking at the world around me, I as a maker am looking for 'in-between space', space for change, for the possibility that things can be done differently. Responding to our sensory experience, adjusting the way we perceive the world and bringing the audience back to their core, their own body, are methods I use to crack open this ‘in-between’ space.” - Annemijn Rijk

Denden Karadeniz