Jiří Kylián Ring

The presentation of the Jiří Kylián Ring is a joint initiative of former Netherlandse Dansdagen director Leontien Wiering and Holland Dance Festival artistic director Samuel Wuersten. The Ring was established in 2006 out of admiration for Kylián's mastery.

More about the award

In 2006, Jiří Kylián was asked to eventually pass on the Ring to an artist who, like him, is an inspiration and innovator within the dance world. In 2008, at the Dutch Dance Days, he passed on the Ring to choreographer Michael Schumacher, who was praised for his "ability to improvise, the enthusiasm he transfers to young dancers and his passionate collaboration with artists from other art disciplines".

The Ring design is by Hans Appenzeller and consists of a set of 14 rings, one ring for each letter of the award. The rings sit on a ring size stick and are increasing in size. The person who receives it may pick a matching ring and also keep it when he or she passes on the prize. A new ring will be made for the empty spot on the ring gauge stick. The winner will also receive a financial incentive of five thousand euros from the Kylián Foundation.

In 2024, Paul Bronkhorst received the ring from the hands of Marco Goecke. In 2026, it will be up to Bronkhorst to select the next artist to whom he will present the ring.

Winners Jiri Kylián Ring
2006 - Jiří Kylián
2008 - Michael Schumacher
2010 - Ellen Knops
2012 - Ingrid Wolff
2014 - Janine Dijkmeijer
2016 - Ton Wiggers & Roel Voorintholt
2018 - Alexandra Radius en Han Ebbelaar
2020 - Marian Sarstädt
2022 – Marco Goecke
2024 - Paul Bronkhorst

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Partners of the Jirí Kylián Ring
Holland Dance Festival
Kylian Foundation
Nederlandse Dansdagen

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