State of Dutch Dance

Nederlandse Dansdagen

In order to determine where you want to go, you need to know where you stand. An important pillar in the professional program of the Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Days) is therefore the annual State of Dutch Dance, pronounced over the past 7 editions by persons with a leading voice within the Dutch Dance world. These were successively:

2016 | Annette Embrechts | Watch her State back here
2017 | Kristin de Groot | Watch her State back here
2018 | Ann Van den Broek | Watch her State back here
2019 | Jasper van Luijk | Watch his State back here
2020 | Lisa Reinheimer | Watch her State back here
2021 | Conny Janssen | Watch her State back here
2022 | Alida Dors | Watch her State back here

In 2023, no 8th person will be added to this illustrious line, but these 7 individuals will give a collective, but polyphonic answer to the question of the current State of Dutch Dance. What 7 burning issues are named by them?