Corporate Partners

ND gets society moving with dance and allows the largest and widest possible audience to experience the power of dance. We prefer to do this together with various partners, so that we can increase the impact of dance even further. Not for nothing is our motto Dance with me; by keeping moving together, you achieve more. 


Why collaborate with the Nederlandse Dansdagen? 

The Nederlandse Dansdagen (ND) has a unique position in the Maastricht region, but it also has a strong national reputation. ND is an ideal partner for companies that want to strengthen their social impact, gain inspiration, or strengthen their brand through the art form of dance. 

ND's collaborations are always based on the search for joint added value. We work toward a creatively tailored partnership based on shared core values. Our core values are: Accessibility, Social Significance, Artistic Quality, Innovation and Connection & Involvement. 

In addition, we offer exclusive reception opportunities or events and special performances for you and your stakeholders during the festival. 



We would love to discuss ND's entrepreneurship and what we can do for each other.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Claudia Laenen, Head of Marketing & Development at or 06-24164430.


During the Nederlandse Dansdagen, the unprecedented diversity and quality of Dutch dance is shared and celebrated with audiences. The festival presents a range of dance performances and the best of Dutch dance: from classical ballet to urban, from avant-garde to modern dance, from master to young talent and from performance art to dance for young audiences.

Maastricht as a home base delivers both a unique festival atmosphere with breathtaking performances and a profound dialogue about dance. At one moment the festival manifests itself as elegant and festive, the next we are raw and approachable, and sometimes both right across the board. Dancers, choreographers and producers chat casually, but also crack hard nuts about the state of the industry. Audiences from young to old move between venues, festival locations in the city and the Danstent on the Vrijthof Square. Conversations about the power of dance, the achievements of the makers and the special stories they bring to the limelight arise in all sorts of places.