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Show case
A little too Close
Edan Gorlicki

A little too close is the first part of an ongoing study on power and control. This duet takes place inside the line between two sides of a relationship. For better and for worse, there is a layered cycle of patterns in our relationships. We need structure and control for clarity but this can easily become abusive and destructive. There is a fine line between healthy structures and horrifying abuses of power. Can we find this fine line?

‘This performance is a visual experience that takes you on a journey. The performers battle with communication in an endless search for harmony. This work hits home on many levels; from the familiarity of the music and simple composition to conceptual depth and emotional confrontation. Everybody can identify with the performers’ drive to never give up on one another.’ - Edan Gorlicki

 ‘One of the most convincing aspects… is the way he leads us to evolve from being passive spectators to conscious participants.’ – LandEscape

Born in Israel, Edan Gorlicki is a choreographer and movement researcher. He has worked with the Batsheva Dance Company, Inbal Pinto Dance Theater, NND/Galilidance and Club Guy and Roni. Edan teaches his own movement research LAMA worldwide. His choreographic work has been co-produced in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany


Choreography: Edan Gorlicki
Performed by and created with: Mayke van Kruchten & Ilija Surla
Performed by (second cast): Zoe Gyssler & Evandro Pedron