Annemijn Rijk
Lecture: Woman's Work


In her lectures, Annemijn uses film stills and other video and photo material to provide insight into the creation process of  Woman's Work. Based on her sources of inspiration, working method, killed darlings and behind-the-scenes images, she zooms in on questions such as: how do you convert your sources of inspiration into something physical, into a choreography? How does a choreographer make the audience look at a body? What influence does film have on the approach to dance? And how can the use of camera create intimacy between dancer and audience?

The lecture provides an informative and in-depth layer when visiting the installation, but can also be visited separately. There is room for questions afterwards.

In addition to the installation, the context program belonging to Woman's Work and a philosophical reflection on the work written by Dr Catherine Robb will also be present.

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Woman's Work has been produced with, by and thanks to: Branded Cinema, Chassé Theater Breda, Nieuwe Vorst Tilburg and Stedelijk Museum Breda and can be seen during BredaPhoto and DNA Breda.

Woman's Work is a production in the context of the New Makers Scheme that Annemijn received from the national Performing Arts Fund and was partly realized with financial support from Chassé Cultuurfonds, the Municipality of Breda, the Municipality of Tilburg and the Province of Noord-Brabant.

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  • Saturday 30 September
  • 12:00 - 12:30
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  • Admission to this event is free. Registration required
Lecture: Women’s Work, Annemijn Rijk