Annemijn Rijk
Videoinstallation: Woman's Work


Out of the urge to choreograph not only the body, but also the eye of the viewer and the categories of time and space, Annemijn Rijk (1993, Breda) created the life-sized dance film installation Woman's Work. Six screens show six women of different generations and backgrounds. Inspired by the idea of a catwalk as a clamping metaphor for the ideal female image, the women walk over a narrow, steel beam at a great height. Five screens show their individual portraits, their own journey within the for them dominant system. The sixth screen shows their joint resistance. While dancing, they balance mutual relationships, pressure, expectations and manipulation. The fall is inevitable. As is the drive to constantly search for how their flexible bodies can resist the static, steel beam.

This video installation is free to visit continuously from Sept. 29 through Oct. 12 at Theater aan het Vrijthof. See the opening hours to the right.

Also visit the lecture on this work on Sept. 30 at 12:00 p.m. 

Power, the male gaze, capitalism: our society is full of normally assumed structural relationships that collectively form the status quo. The way we think, the way we look, even what we can fantasize about is framed by these structures within which society takes shape. Choreographer Annemijn Rijk is fascinated by how the body relates to these social, often hidden or socially accepted frameworks. As well as by how the body can challenge them.

For the third theme of her Body of Art project, the theme “Beauty”, she investigated how the body today, within these systems, relates to beauty. She found that for her, beauty equals transparency. Transparency in showing the body honestly, in the expression of her dancers, as well as transparency in exposing hidden, social systems.

Rijk: “As a choreographer, dancer and human being, I have personally experienced that the body can be a confrontational, yet effective source of change. In my work I focus on the connecting, disarming and ever-communicating power of our body and let the body show us what it means to be human today.”

Credits: Annemijn Rijk (choreography, direction & initiator), Caroline Neijndorff, Pauline Roelants, Revé Ter Borg, Laura de Vos, Izah Hankammer, Yara Meziane el Otmani (dance), Richard Spierigngs (DoP), Aura Bouw (music), Laura de Vos (business management and production Body of Art), Monne Tuinhout/ Branded Cinema (production film).

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Videoinstallation: Women’s Work, Annemijn Rijk, 5 screens
Videoinstallation: Women’s Work, Annemijn Rijk, 6 persons