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The Dry Piece
NeverlikeKeren Levi
€ 16,-

As if in a ritual, a breathtaking stream of symmetrical forms transports the audience. The kaleidoscopic live video projections are reminiscent of show ballets from the 1930’s musicals directed by Busby Berkeley. On the floor, Keren Levi shows four naked female dancers, and confronts us with our gaze, which can also violate feminine beauty. ‘The aesthetic power of the bodies on film conjures up a strong visual experience, while we are made to sympathise with the vulnerability and intimacy of the naked body’.


concept & choreography: Keren Levi
dance and choreography: Karin Frankel, Mari Matre Larsen, Alma Sua, Eva Susova
music: Tom Parkinson
light design: Minna Tiikkainen
video: Assi Weitz