June 12 2014 - October 05 2014

For the project (OLD)Fashion(ed), FASHIONCLASH, Museum aan het Vrijthof and the Dutch Dance Festival asked retired craftsmen and women to share their knowledge and skills with young fashion designers. Together with four choreographers the four fashion designers were inspired by crafts like metal shaping, papermaking, wheat weaving and syrup making. They created four danced fashion shows or four fashionable dance works, with untrained dancers between the ages of 63 and 80. This collaboration project resulted in: 

For All We Know/ Andrea Leine + Linda Friesen
Stroop/ Ronald Wintjens + Sabine Staartjes
HARY+++++/  Dario Tortorelli  + Anke Huyben
As no one’s watching/ Dunja Jocic + Romy van Eijk

The shows were presented at the FASHIONCLASH Festival (12 - 15 June) and at the Dutch Dance Festival (3 - 5 October) in Maastricht. The projects final closing was a special exhibition in Museum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht which featured, besides the costumes and films of the shows, the stories of the participating older dancers and craftsmen and women.

Through the exchange knowledge and skills on many levels were shared. The new collections and the fashion shows danced by older models turned the dominant image of old age upside down and created new images.

(OLD)Fashion(ed) was inspired by the long-term European project Act Your Age, in which the Dutch Dance Festival questions and broadens the dominant view of old people through dance and art.

(OLD)Fashion(ed) received financial support from the Cultural Participation Fund as part of their elderly participation agreement. Performing Gender, identity and sexual orientation play a key role in our self-esteem and in determining our place in society. A constructive dialogue on differences in gender and sexual orientation is important in a European society which is becoming increasingly complex and diverse. It is a key to understanding others.