Mediapartner L1

Since 2016, the Dutch Dance Festival has a media partnership with the Limburgian channel L1. L1 is the leading information medium of (and about) Limburg and is visible on television, radio, internet, apps, teletext and social media. Since its foundation in 1999 L1 brings fast, current, independent, reliable and accessible news with societal relevance. Next year L1 will play again an important role during the anniversary edition of the Dutch Dance Festival. 

During the 19th edition of the festival, 7 - 9 October 2016, there was a special live broadcast of Avondgasten from the Theater aan het Vrijthof. Before and during the festival L1 was present at different festival events, where they had different interviews. This way, L1 brought the diversity of Dutch dance to the attention of a television audience. 

On 8 October 2016, L1 broadcasted Avondgasten live from the Theater aan het Vrijthof. Host Frans Pollux welcomed different guests, including the winner of the Golden Swan and the Dutch Dance Festival Award Maastricht. Furthermore, choreographer Marco Gerris (ISH) was present, famous jurymen of So You Think You Can Dance, to talk about the dance production Wat Niemand Had Verwacht (What No-One had Expected). The broadcast also included the eldest and youngest participant of the Dutch Dance Festival and of course a lot of beautiful dance fragments.