Coffee & Cigarettes #3
Winnaar Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 2012
BackBoneAlida Dors
€ 10,-

NB. The premiere on Saturday 5 October at 16.15 hrs is sold out. There are still tickets left for the shows on Saturday and Sunday at 11.15 hrs.
Alida Dors succeeds in bridging the gap to the audience and between dance idioms. At the same time, she keeps on searching for the unknown. Last year, she won the Maastricht Dutch Dance Festival Award, and now the Dutch Dance Festival is presenting the premiere of the final part of the triptych Coffee and Cigarettes. In it, she investigates the everyday life of our times: boredom, social pressure, the urge for adventure and the desire to escape commitments. In Dors’ headstrong hiphop language, three women expose the complexity of the woman in the year 2013. Accompanied by a cellist, they put up explosive resistance and reflect with caution.

Coffee and Cigarettes #3 will be preformed three times at the festival. On Saturday the 5th of October on 11.15 hour (try out) and on 16.15 hour (premiere)and on Sunday the 6th of October on 11.15 hour


choreography: Alida Dors
dancers: Donna Chittick, Tiffany Sordam & Sayonara Prika/ Laquelle Galdey
cellist: Mascha van Nieuwkerk
composer: Diego Soifer

video: Daan Hazendonk
design: Jamil Sumiri

co production: MC Theater/Korzo Producties
Coffee and Cigarettes #3 has been achieved with support of LeineRoebana and Via Zuid
with special thanks to Krisztina de Châtel.