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155/ Jija Sohn/ Martin Harriague/ COOKACHO (Anne Fay Kops) + Random Imperfections/ Joost van Bellen/ Glenn Thompson/ Alan Boom
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1. To pinch, pluck, or twist sharply: tweaked her sister’s ear. 2. To adjust; fine–tune: Tweaked her computer set–up. 3. To make fun of; tease.

The club scene has always been a source of inspiration for dance in all its forms. In the liberating surroundings of the night, dance styles and connections between dance and fashion, dance and visual design and dance with sound design, arose. The Dutch Dance Festival will be introducing a club concept with this first CLUB TWEAK where local and international DJs will seamlessly collaborate with dance performance and visual design.

MC and performer Anne Fay Kops, the breakers, DJs and VJs from 155, Jesùs de Vega’s Glitter Gods and the dancers from Random Imperfections know what is needed to create the multi–sensory experience their audience wants until deep into the night. You can watch shamelessly or join in in good company: we won’t judge you.


- SOLO Anne Fay Kops

-SCÈNES UIT LIJF / BOUNCER EN VOGUE SCÈNES 155 met DJ (Erik Bos) VJ (Thomas Bos) + MC Anne Fay Kops
 155 has been nominated for the Dutch Dance  Festival Young Audiences Prize 2018.

- KYABAJO Jija Sohn

- SOLO Martin Harriague

- SHE TWEAKED HER SISTERS EAR / ANY SOURCE OF GREAT AND  UNEXPECTED TROUBLES Anne Fay + Joost van Bellen  i.s.m Random Imperfections  + Lina Limosani


- DJ Joost van Bellen / DJ Glen Thompson  / VJ Alan Boom