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The Dutch Dance Festival Celebration
Het Nationale Ballet / Scapino Ballet Rotterdam / Introdans / Nederlands Dans Theater
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It is now an established tradition that we celebrate the diversity of Dutch dance during Dutch Dance Festival Celebration with our country’s four large companies: Dutch National Ballet, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Introdans and Nederlands Dans Theater. During the celebration they present their most impressive choreographies.

Alexandra Radius and Han Ebbelaar will be present at the Dutch Dance Festival Celebration as guests of honour. The legendary married couple of the dance world received the prestigious Jiří Kylián Ring earlier this year for their work for the Danderfonds ’79 for which they have made an active and structural contribution to the promotion of Dutch dance for almost 40 years. And to emphasize their work they will be taking two protégés from Danderfonds ’79 with them. The winners of the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC) will also be appearing.


Duet from UNCIA
RIDCC: Danae Dimitriadi +  Dionysios Alamanos

UNCIA is the first duet from the two Greek choreographers/dancers Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos. It explores human behaviour in the struggle to survive, to overcome vulnerability and the drive to dominate. The duo won the XL Production Award and the Conny Janssen Danst and Club Guy & Roni Award for UNCIA at the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition 2018.

Duet from The Sleeping Beauty
Dansersfonds ’79:
Claire Tjoe–Fat and Philippe Magdelijns

In honour of Alexandra Radius and Han Ebbelaar, Claire and Philippe will dance the beautiful Adagio from the third act of The Sleeping  Beauty. Sir Peter Wright created this duet specially for Radius and Ebbelaar when they performed the main roles from The Sleeping Beauty at the Dutch National Ballet in 1981.

The Grey Area
Het Nationale Ballet

David Dawson’s The Grey Area (Prix Benois de la Danse 2013) is considered a contemporary classic. The title of the duet refers to a no man’s land, an indefinable place outside of time. The movements in the abstract, emotionally laden choreography are dynamically and classically inspired in a flowing geometry. Beauty and timelessness, freed from gravity.

Winner of the prestigious Prix Benois de la Danse (2013)


The Swimmer
Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

The Swimmer is the central duet with Bonnie Doets from TING! with which Scapino Ballet and the NITS again and again sold out the Ferro Dome in Rotterdam. The choreographer Ed Wubbe creates a magical fantasy world with TING!,  sometimes grotesque and dangerous, sometimes moving and poetic.

‘A varied procession of acts, sounds and ambiances, from the poetic and surrel to the cheerful and exciting.’ de Volkskrant 


Indigo Rose

Indigo Rose is a wonderful insight into the apparently endless inventiveness and fantasy of Jiří Kyliáns idiom of movement. The choreography has the character of a multi– coloured finger exercise for young dancers, where Kylián switches just as easily between Bach and a languid jazz song, as between stylised ballet movements and staccato, sometimes even hip hop–like moves.

‘Very beautiful. A fascinating  combination of music and dance...' Ugenda



Inbal Pinto received various prizes for Wrapped, one of her first creations, including a prestigious American Bessie Award. The press described the work as ‘a breath of fresh air’. She fuses humour and poetry in the production in one, visually rich, imaginary world to create, as she calls it, an ‘urban legend’.

‘Hundred percent perfectly timed and more synchronised than synchronised.’ 8weekly.nl


Nederlands Dans Theater

The diversity of Dutch dance is the foundation of Nederlands Dans Theater’s unique identity. Eclectic choreographers work with phenomenal dancers at the highest level, both technically and artistically. NDT will be presenting no less than eleven world premieres this season from both the NDT1 and NDT2 companies. They have also been nominated for two VSCD dance prizes / Swans.

Franck Chartier’s The Hidden Floor has been nominated for the award for ‘most impressive dance production’ and NDT2 dancer Guido Dutilh is in the running for a Swan for the ‘most impressive achievement in dance’ for his role in Midnight Raga.

Feel Link Dancing Party

After The Dutch Dance Festival Celebration you can get on the dance floor yourself at the Feel Like Dancing Party in Theater aan het Vrijthof. And if you haven’t partied enough you can continue dancing into the small hours at Club Tweak.


Duet uit The Sleeping Beauty 
dans: Claire Tjoe-Fat, Philippe Magdelijns

Duet uit UNICA
van + met: Danae Dimitriadi Dionysios Alamanos

The Grey Area
choreografie + concept + enscenering: David Dawson
dansers: Sasha Mukhamedov, James Stout (ovb)
muziek: Niels Lanz

The Swimmer (Duet uit TING!)
choreografie: Ed Wubbe
dansers: Bonnie Doets + Mischa van Leeuwen
muziek: NITS, The Swimmer

Indigo Rose
choreografie: Jiří Kylián
muziek: Robert Ahsley, Factory Preset,  François Couperin, Plainte des Mêmes, John Cage, uit Three Dances for two Prepared Piano’s Dance #1 Johann Sebastian Bach, Fugue #8 in es mineur
dansers: Ruben Ameling, Aymeric Aude, Mathieu Di Scala, Alexis Geddes, Elena Pampoulova, Jamy Schinkelshoek, Jurriën Schobben, Demi Verheezen, Alberto Villanueva Rodríguez.

choreografie: Inbal Pinto
muziek: uit City Lights van Charlie Chaplin
Cast: Jamy Schinkelshoek en Demi Verheezen.

Nederlands Dans Theater
dans: volgt later