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Dutch Dance Festival Gala
Shailesh Bahoran / Nicole Beutler Projects / Iván Pérez / Samir Calixto / Conny Janssen Danst / ICK Amsterdam
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The Dutch Dance Festival Gala is the night on which the most important dance prizes in the country are awarded: The Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Prize for the most promising choreographer, the Dutch Dance Festival Young Audiences Prize for the most promising makers of dance for young people and the prestigious Swans, the Oscars of Dutch dance, are awarded by the Association of Theater and Concert Hall Managements (VSCD) for the most impressive achievement in dance and the most impressive dance production of 2018.

The Dutch Dance Festival Gala has the scoop on them but there is also space for new talent. Under the title Acte de Présence, BRAMATO will be presented by the festival; the Dutch premiere of a new choreography that Samir Calixto + Scenario Pubblico / Compagnia Zappalà Danza is developing before the eyes of the public in the AINSI building in Maastricht with talent from four Dutch dance schools.

Shailesh Bahoran / Redouan Ait Chitt 

The Dutch Dance Festival Gala will open with a fragment from R*E*D*O. The unique production about and starring the dancer Redouan Ait Chitt will enjoy its premiere at the Dutch Dance Festival on Saturday 13th October (see p54). Surrounded by a living scenery of choir singers, and directed by Shailesh, b–boy Redouan tells the story of his life with dance. Shailesh Bahoran received the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Prize in 2017 for his preparatory research for R*E*D*O and the Dutch Dance Festival Internationalisation Prize for Ignite.

Nicole Beutler Projects /  Theater Malpertuis 

In 4: STILL LIFE Nicole Beutler goes back to basics. She immersed herself in the history of dance and distilled the essential building blocks of the dance duet between man and woman. We see mating rituals, leaders and the led, fusion and fighting, distance and intimacy. Beutler combines them all with the precise geometry of Bauhaus. Circles, squares and triangles shape a unique ‘dance of space’, a courtly dance, a mating dance, a ritual and a ‘Lichtspiel’.

‘4: STILL LIFE is nothing but contradiction. Between times and styles, expectations and reality. (...) Exceptional.’ de Volkskrant****


Iván Pérez, artistic director Dance Theatre Heidelberg

At the start of the year, Iván Pérez succeeded Nanine Linning as artistic director of the Dance Theatre Heidelberg. The Spanish choreographer will present the first work Impression that he has made with his company in Heidelberg at the Dutch Dance Festival, in collaboration with the composer Ferran Cruixent, the Philharmonische Orchester Heidelberg and United Visual Artists. The piece investigates with dance, music and visual art how we regard the millennial, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, as an individual and collectively. 


Samir Calixto / Compagnia Zappalà Danza i.s.m. AHK, Fontys,  ArtEZ + Codarts

Since 2017 the Dutch Dance Festival has given a talented Dutch choreographer with a presence in large international theatres, carte blanche to create work in Maastricht in collaboration with the Netherlands four dance schools. The initiative started with Marina Mascarelll and this year Samir Calixto is working with talent from Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), Fontys, ArtEz University of the Arts Arnhem and Codarts Rotterdam on BRAMATO.


Fragment uit de  2018 – remake + livemuziek
Conny Janssen Dans

Conny Janssen will be presenting a remake of INSIDE OUT from 2015 at the Dutch Dance Festival Gala. Conny Janssen’s inspiration for INSIDE OUT (2015) came from the term ‘Exploded Drawings’: three–dimensional construction drawings and the idea that something has to be broken open in order to discover what is going on behind the facade. They are metaphors for systems but also for the compelling group dynamics that can sometimes exist between people.

‘Janssen demonstrates how vulnerable individuality is.’ Trouw

‘The choreography slowly breaks open from a beautiful opening scene, in which the individual is subordinate to the whole. [...] flowing and dynamic movements, beautiful solos and duets.’ de Volkskrant”


ICK Amsterdam

At the cutting edge of diverse traditions and cultures, precisely where the differences seem to be at their most extreme, a dialogue reveals itself in which a recognisable soul is hidden. A quest for beauty, submission and revolt. Contemporary dance and music from Al–Andalus meet in ZIEL / ROUH. Greco en Scholten return to the essence, the soul of their work, for this choreography: breath. This basic principle lends direction and structure to the choreography and allows an organic connection between the dancers.

‘These dancers and musicians paint a perfect portrait of the human soul.’ de Volkskrant****

‘Energetic dance concert with classical Andalusian music.’ Theaterkrant ****


regie: Shailesh Bahoran
choreografie: Shailesh Bahoran + Redouan Ait Chitt
dans: Redouan Ait Chitt
bewegend decor: Illusionary Rockaz Crew
muziek: Rik Ronner
performers: Marjolein Vogels, Benjamin Kahn

concept + choreografie: Nicole Beutler
Performers: Marjolein Vogels, Benjamin Kahn

Choreography: Iván Pérez
music: Ferran Cruixent
dans: Inés Belda Nácher

choreografie: Samir Calixto
dansers: Camilla Montesi, Francesca Conti, Ludovica Messina, Martina Auddino

choreografie: Conny Janssen
dansers: Adi Amit, Davide Bellotta, Tu Hoang, Maud Huizing, Martijn Kappers, Mitchell–lee van Rooij, Richard Nagy, Youp Scheffer, Mariko Shimoda, Remy Tilburg, Liza Wallerbosch
muziek: Thierry Castel, iET, Budy Mokoginta, Keimpke Zigterman

choreografie: Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten
dansers: Helena Volkov Edward Lloyd Arad Inbar Sedrig Verwoert Sophia Dinkel
muziek: Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest