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GRIP / Jan Martens + NAH
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The point of departure for RULE OF THREE is our ability to ‘zap’ from one impression to another. The production is a danced performance, a cross between a concert and a collection of stories, a collection of short stories written with bodies, light, music, costumes and text. A wild meditation that is based – just like this era – on contradictions: peace and explosion, precision and intuition, emotion and reason.

Jan Martens is working with the American producer/drummer NAH for RULE OF THREE, who mixes live and programmed drums with found sound and manipulated samples. The performers enter into dialogue with NAH’s eclectic musical composition and turn up the sensory stimulation even higher.

‘An eclectic hyper–dance…’ De Standaard****

‘An impressive dance production that gets you thinking again and again. A breath of fresh air.’ De Morgen****


from: Jan Martens

with: Steven Michel, Julien Josse, Courtney May Robertson en/of Dan Mussett

music: NAH

with short stories from: Lydia Davis © Denise Shannon Literary Agency, Inc