The Organization


Nederlandse Dansdagen team

Ronald Wintjes - General manager

Ronald Wintjens

General Manager

Winfred Voordendag - Interim business manager

Winfred Voordendag

Business Manager

Gemma Willems - Head of office

Gemma Willems

Head of office

Claudia Laenen - Head of marketing

Claudia Laenen

Head of marketing

Stacz Wilhelm - Artistic coordinator

Stacz Wilhelm

Artistic coordinator

Ilona van den Brekel - Productie

Ilona van den Brekel


Johanna Korgel - Festivalcoördinator

Johanna Korgel

Festival Coordinator

Axelle de Rore - Education and participation

Axelle de Rore

Education and participation


Maud Tielemans

Education and participation


Mirjam Verloop

Interim project manager


Minouk Slijpen

Office manager

Board of Supervisors

Mavis Carrilho.png

Mavis Carrilho


Ahmed Marcouch.png

Ahmed Marcouch


Rob van Steen.png

Rob van Steen

Sandra Holtjer.png

Sandra Holtjer

Josje van Dongen.png

Josje van Dongen

Ted Brandsen.png

Ted Brandsen

Myrthe van Opstal

Myrthe van Opstal

Program editors

Joery Wilbers (voorzitter), Leo Spreksel, Violien Vocks, Swantje Schäuble, Geesje Prins, John Agesilias en Wendy Lubberding.

De Nederlandse Dansdagen Foundation is registered as an ANBI

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Every year, de Nederlandse Dansdagen publishes an Annual Report

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Nederlandse Dansdagen follows the Collective Labor Agreement for 'Toneel en Dans'. It follows that employees are rewarded in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for 'Toneel en Dans', this applies to both salaried employees and self-employed persons.

The Top Income Standards Act (WNT) applies to Stichting Nederlandse Dansdagen.

The Supervisory Board determines the remuneration policy and the amount of other remuneration components. The policy is updated annually. The members of the Supervisory Board are unpaid. When determining the remuneration policy and the remuneration of the management, Stichting Nederlandse Dansdagen follows the guidelines of the Collective Labor Agreement for Dutch 'Toneel en Dans'.

EFFE Label 2024-2025

The Nederlandse Dansdagen has received the EFFE Label 2024-2025. 

The EFFE Label is the European seal of quality for outstanding arts festivals that demonstrate their commitment to the arts, community involvement and international openness.

EFFE is an initiative of the European Festivals Association and is supported by the European Commission and Parliament.