Nederlandse Dansdagen would like everyone to feel at home. This page contains more information about the festival program, a visit to the festival in Maastricht and web accessibility. Nederlandse Dansdagen is still learning. Do you encounter an accessibility problem?

Or have you got any questions or tips? Please send us an email at

The program 

Nederlandse Dansdagen always organises freely accessible events: online and in Maastricht. So that everyone has the chance to enjoy the Nederlandse Dansdagen. The online program is accessible throughout the year.   

On the website, you can search for the program with the help of filters. For example, a filter called 'Access' helps you search for events free of charge. And with the filter 'Accessibility', you can search for events that match specific criteria, such as 'all ages' or 'wheelchair accessible'.    

All ages: These events are suitable for children and families.  
Language no problem: The events have no or less spoken language.  
Wheelchair accessible: The events are accessible for people using a wheelchair.
Difficulty walking: These events are suitable for people who have difficulty walking.

Nederlandse Dansdagen for all 

Nederlandse Dansdagen aims to make the festival accessible to a broad audience. As part of that, we collaborate with various organisations. An example is a Vier het Leven, an organisation that visits our festival annually with a group of elderly. This year, we will also collaborate with the Stichting LEFteam as part of 'Toegift'. We ask our audience to buy a ticket for someone who needs more financial possibilities. Together with Stichting LEFteam, we ensure that these tickets go to good use. 

Nederlandse Dansdagen has developed dansWEB in collaboration with partners. The goal of dansWEB is to give everyone access to dance. We let older people, people with disabilities, and children and young people in special education experience the power of dance. 

A visit to the festival 

The festival takes place online and in many locations in Maastricht. Most locations are fully or partially wheelchair accessible. Read more about the accessibility of the locations.  


You can buy a ticket online or at the UITbalie in Maastricht. The online ticket sales goes through the website of Theater aan het Vrijthof. You can pay with iDEAL, credit card, VVV Cadeaukaart en de Podium Cadeaukaart. When you buy your ticket at the UITbalie, you can also pay cash, by card, VVV Cadeaukaart, Podium Cadeaukaart en de Nationale Kunst en Cultuur Cadeaukaart (NKCC). Read more about the ticket sales at Theater aan het Vrijthof

Web Accessibility

Nederlandse Dansdagen wants its website to be accessible to all. Therefore, accessibility is part of all steps in our website's design and construction process. We aim to comply with the international guidelines for accessible websites WCAG 2.1. 

Our website is partially accessible (review date: August 16, 2023). It means some parts still need to comply fully with the guidelines. 

  • On some pages, the contrast between foreground and background colour is insufficient.
  • On most of the pages, you will find animations. You can switch these animations off using the link 'animations' at the top of each page. 


In July and Augustus 2023, an initial accessibility test took place. During this test, we used several websites and programs: axe DevTools, WAVE, WebAIM: Contrast Checker and Google Chrome.

Social Media

You can also find information from Nederlandse Dansdagen on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. On Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can find information about the festival, news, and tips from the dance sector. On YouTube, you can watch festival trailers and some parts of the online program, among other things.

Feedback en contact 

Have you encountered an accessibility problem? Or have you got any tips? Please send us an email at

Wennah Wilkers in de Nederlandse Dansdagen Campagne 2023
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