Dear dance enthusiast,

The Nederlandse Dansdagen has been committed to the heritage, topicality and future of Dutch dance for 27 years. Its highlight is its annual festival, in and from Maastricht. 

The Nederlandse Dansdagen celebrates the unprecedented diversity and quality of Dutch dance with the public. The festival presents a range of dance performances and the best of Dutch dance: from classical ballet to urban, from avant-garde to modern dance, from master to young talent and from performance art to dance for a young audience.  

De Nederlandse Dansdagen has the ambition to continue to grow and give even more dance talent opportunities to develop further. We are rooted in Maastricht and want to make that even more visible. We also want to contribute to a healthy and vibrant dance climate in the Netherlands, by continuing to offer development opportunities to emerging artists and dance talent. 

We hope to realize these ambitions with your support, but above all together.