De Nederlandse Dansdagen is committed to the heritage, topicality and future of Dutch dance. culminating in an annual festival that takes place in and from Maastricht. In the first week of October, a range of dance performances and the best of Dutch dance is shown: from 'classical' to 'urban' from 'avant garde' to 'modern dance'.


Strong programming and widely accessible

The program of de Nederlandse Dansdagen thus represents the diversity of Dutch dance and shows important developments in Dutch dance: from striking work by young choreographers to impressive performances by established dance companies.

The strong programming in terms of content, the wide accessibility, the platform offered to emerging creators and dance talent, and the diverse audience reach are among the starting points for the festival's many partners. ND is very grateful to its grantors and funds, the many local and national partners and private donors for their commitment and indispensable support of the festival. Together they ensure that ND is, and can continue to be, the festival of and for Dutch dance.

De Nederlandse Dansdagen is made possible in part by the following subsidies, sponsors and partners: