Nominees VSCD Zwanen 2024

The nominees for the Zwanen and Jonge Zwanen of the Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors (VSCD) 2024 are known from today! These renowned dance awards will be presented during the Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala on Friday 4 October at 20:00 at Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht.  

All nominated companies, choreographers and dancers have delivered exceptional artistic quality in the past 2023-2024 season, according to the juries.  

27 June 2024

Nominees Zwaan 2024 known  

Nominees Zwaan meest indrukwekkende dansproductie 2024:

  • Tipping Point by Pia Meuthen (Panama Pictures in coproduction with LOFFT – DAS THEATER in Leipzig (D) and Strijbos & van Rijswijk) 
  • Rhythm & Flow by Marco Gerris (ISH Dance Collective) 
  • The Balancing Act by Ann Van den Broek (WArd/waRD in coproduction with Theater Rotterdam (NL) and Le Lieu Unique in Nantes (FR)) 

Nominees Zwaan meest indrukwekkende dansprestatie 2024:

  • Kalin Morrow for her role in The Previous Owner (Dunja Jocić/BIRD Productions) 
  • Tarek Rammo for his role in Tipping Point (Pia Meuthen/Panama Pictures) 
  • Matilde Tommasini for her role in Khôra (Astrid Boons/Korzo) 

Nominees Jonge Zwaan meest indrukwekkende jeugddansproductie 2024:

  • Milky Way (8+) by Freek Nieuwdorp, Art Srisayam and Arnold Put (Maas theater en dans)
  • Hoop! (12+) by Wies Bloemen (Danstheater AYA) 
  • Op een onbewoond (6+) by MAN || CO 

Nominees Jonge Zwaan meest indrukwekkende jeugddansprestatie 2024:

  • Gwen Langenberg for her role in Pinocchio Effect (10+) (Cecilia Moisio/Maas theater en dans & Scapino Ballet Rotterdam) 
  • Winter Wieringa for her role in Hoop! (12+) (Wies Bloemen/Danstheater AYA) 
  • Luciano Hiwat for his role in Kromanti (10+) (Dietrich Pott/ISH Dance Collective) 
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  • Joery Wilbers (president), director De Domijnen Sittard 
  • John Agesilas, co-artistic director Summer Dance Forever and Hip Hop Academy, lecturer AHK 
  • Wendy Lubberding, journalist 
  • Mitchell-Lee van Rooij, marketer Korzo 
  • Julie Vegter, dance programmer at Vondelpark Open Air Theatre 
  • Dave Schwab, head of programming at Theater Rotterdam  
  • Lynn Bartels, programmer and artistic core teacher dance theatre de Meervaart 

  • Liesbeth Wildschut (president), dance scientist 
  • Fritz de Jong, dance journalist Het Parool, Theaterkrant 
  • Erik Kaiel, choreographer 
  • Mouna Laroussi, dance theatre maker and cabaret artist 
  • Nicky van Rossum, programmer Theater Orpheus, Apeldoorn 
  • Janneke Schmeitz, festival coordinator schrit_tmacher just dance! and dance programmer PLT 
  • Eline van der Stoep, programmer youth, youth and education at Theater Zuidplein 

The VSCD Dance Awards have been presented since 1983.  The winners receive a bronze sculpture made by choreographer and visual artist Toer van Schayk.  

The Zwanen are made possible in part by the Vriendenloterij.

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